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Functions of the Warden

The Warden carries out two main functions on behalf of College. On the one hand the Warden is responsible for enquiring into an alleged breach of discipline by a student in Trinity Hall and for taking further action in accordance with the College Statutes. For minor offences this may result in a fine being imposed upon a student. The second function is to allocate residential rooms in Hall to students. The power to allocate rooms resides with the Provost but for Trinity Hall this is delegated to the Warden. Applications for rooms are normally invited in Hillary term and the application form and allocation criteria are made available on the web. Permission is also required from the Warden to hold parties and similar events on Hall. The Warden is supported by a number of Assistant Wardens and the Students Residences' Supervisor.

Roja Fazaeli
Dr Roja Fazaeli, Warden of Trinity Hall
Tom Archer
Dr Tom Archer, Assistant Warden Hse 80 and 79.2
Kevin Sullivan
Mr Kevin Sullivan , Assistant Warden Hse 81 and 79.1
Grainne McInerney
Ms Grainne McInerney, Assistant Warden Hse 82
Ronan Smith
Dr Ronan Smith, Assistant Warden Hse 83
Louise Staunton
Ms Louise Staunton, Assistant Warden Hse 84
Julian Hamilton
Rev Dr Julian Hamilton, Assistant Warden Hse 85
Ann-Marie Morrissey
Dr Ann-Marie Morrissey, Assistant Warden Hse 86 and Annex 81
Ms Grace Lawlor, Assistant Warden Hse 90 and 79.3
Anita O'Donovan
Ms Anita O’Donovan, Assistant Warden Hse 88
Justin MacGregor
Dr Justin MacGregor, Deputy Warden Hse 89

Mr Donncha Millane, Assistant Warden Hse 87

Matthew Dossett
Mr Matthew Dossett, Assistant Warden Hse 91
Herman, Assistant Warden Oldham Hse


Last Updated: July-2018

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