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Student Discipline

In College generally, the Junior Dean is responsible for inquiring into an alleged breach of discipline by a student and for taking further action in accordance with the College Statutes. At Trinity Hall, the functions of the Junior Dean are vested in the Warden.

Students who are reported to the Warden are interviewed by the Warden who decides upon what course of action to follow. For minor offences, where the facts of the case are agreed, the actions taken range from a fine to requesting a formal apology to the injured party. All fines are lodged to a Student Hardship Fund administered by the Senior Tutor's office. In the case of more serious offences, students may be accompanied by a person of their choice (for example, their College Tutor) when interviewed by the Warden.

Alcohol & Overnight Guests in Twin Rooms

  • Residents in twin rooms may only have overnight guests if they obtain prior permission from their roommate.
  • It is not permitted to consume alcohol on the grounds of Hall or to carry open bottles or cans. Such items will be confiscated.


  • The general regulations and procedures governing discipline in Trinity are outlined in Part 2 of the College Calendar.
  • The conditions of occupancy and the student handbook for residents of Hall can be found here.
  • Trinity's policy document on dignity and respect can be found here.
  • The 2010 Consolidated Statutes of Trinity College Dublin and of the University of Dublin can be found here. The sections on Student Discipline and Mental Health are of particular relevance to residents of Hall.


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Last Updated: 18-Oct-2015